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Probation Review Template

An employee probation review is conducted at the conclusion of a probationary period. While the amount of time between a new hire joining the organization and their probation review can vary from organization to organization, the average probationary period usually never exceeds the first 6 months on the job. Through the duration of the probation period, 30-60-90-day performance reviews can be conducted to supplement the probation review.

The probation review template on this page can be downloaded to evaluate if a new hire is the right fit for an organization. This free employee probation review template includes a self-review section for the reviewee to fill out as well as a separate section for the reviewer to complete in order to wrap up the review. Using a fixed template for probation reviews standardizes the entire employee probation process, ensuring objectivity and credibility.

This probation review template can be downloaded as a Word document or an Excel form and be customized to fit your needs. If you decide to use this template with the Teamflect app, you can customize the template, and conduct probation reviews without leaving Microsoft Teams or Outlook. Automate your probation reviews to be conducted at certain intervals, as well as include different custom sections within the probation review template such as goal completion rates, 360-degree feedback data, and more.

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