Role Based Review Template

Peer to Peer Review Template

A peer-to-peer performance review template allows individuals who share the same level of seniority within an organization to evaluate each other's performances. Performance review templates that include peer review or peer feedback provide organizations with unique insight into the reviewee's experience.  

When peers evaluate each other, they do it from equal standing, leaving more room for empathy and nuance. Our peer-to-peer performance review template is designed to make sure peer evaluation is practiced in an objective and professional manner.  

This peer-to-peer performance appraisal template includes open-ended performance review questions that can be customized with ease. If you download our performance review template for Word or Excel, you can customize each question. If you, however, decide to use our templates inside Teamflect, you can customize each question, add different review question types, hide certain sections from the reviewee, get overall scores, analytics, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a peer-to-peer review?
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How do you give peer feedback professionally?
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